One Day at a Time


“One day at a time” is the ubiquitous mantra of alcoholics and addicts everywhere. It’s a strategy used by millions of people around the world, not only those dealing with addiction, but anyone trying to survive just one more day.

Countless individuals, from the moment they wake up in the morning, strive to create a day where they will say no to alcohol, drugs, or any other addiction. Others begin each day wondering how they will put food on the table, while countless more will agonize over how to deal with their chronic illness or depression and still keep a roof over their heads until tomorrow.

Every day, children are born into this environment, where the adults in their life are in survival mode. They learn to take one day at a time alongside their parents. Each day feels the same, 24/7. It terminates their childhood and robs them of their future. Read more

7.58 Billion People Alive on Earth…And Counting


Many people see the burgeoning population of the earth as a cause for great concern. They see our crowded cities and congested suburbs as an unsustainable drain on earth’s limited resources. Scarcity mentality overwhelms them as they consider the future and wonder how their posterity will survive this.

Live 168 doesn’t share this pessimistic view of humanity. Read more

Total Eclipse or Bust

Not long ago, my wife Nicki and I took time off to travel 250 miles from our home to witness first hand the 2017 solar eclipse. Our hometown was in line to see the eclipse at 99% but we wanted to experience the eclipse at a full 100%. Some of our friends assured us there couldn’t be that big of a difference between 99% and 100%. They couldn’t have been more wrong.  Read more

Peru 2017




This year we were able to influence and teach more people than ever before. We started in Abancay and traveled from there to teach at the College of the Midwives in Cuzco. Later we visited the regional hospital at Antiono Lorana and taught emergency delivery and resuscitation to the firefighters and police. After a day in the Sacred Valley, we slept soundly there that night. 

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