Day 7 – Wednesday March 21

Lake Titicaca

The trip to Lake Titicaca is a long (7 hours) beautiful bus ride. Our ultimate destination is Puno where we will teach and serve on Day 8 and Day 9. We will be stopping at Templo de Viracocha for about 30 minutes along the way.


This is a long beautiful bus ride up the mountains to Lake Titicaca and we will be staying in Puno. It will take about 7 hours. We will be stopping at Templo de Viracocha for about 30 minutes. Even though the trip is hard, it is a great experience with incredible views of the high Andes Mountains and valleys graced herds of llamas and alpacas. The air is thin and you will be as high as any mountain in the Continental USA. It will be important to stay ahead of any altitude sickness.

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