Day 1 – Thursday March 15

Travel to Lima

Most of the team will board their plane bound for Lima in the early hours of the morning and will arrive at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima in the late evening.


We will be using military time on this trip. Please familiarize yourself with it.

This is a long travel day. To be part of the main team you need to arrive in Lima Peru late 23:00 hrs. (11:00PM) Most of us will fly out of Atlanta on Delta 151 We will watch for days when flights are in the $800 range from Salt Lake to Lima. They can be as high as $1300-1400 if you time them poorly.

There are many flights to Atlanta which influences the cost but only one to Lima. We then must clear migrations and customs and this can be 30 min to 3 hours depending on many uncontrollable factors.

We have learned from sad experience to curl up in lovely airport seats and we will be booked on the first flight out to Cuzco hopefully before 0600 and check in at 0400. Keep a jump bag of what you need for the first 30 hours just in case. After it is checked it is uncertain when you will catch up again with your luggage.

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