Day 11 – Sunday March 25

Group B (Dr. Dowdle)

Our goal will be to fly out of Juliaca to Lima as early as possible Saturday morning. This will hopefully be at 8:00 am. We will all have to be up early and to the airport in Juliaca by 05:30. We then arrive in Lima around 10:00. We then travel to the Marriott Courtyard in Miraflores. We will spend the night of the 24th in Lima. We will be visiting the missionary training center and going to church and the temple in La Molina. This is going to be our home base in August 2018 when we begin our mission. We will be the area medical advisors and will be directing the medical care of about 6,000 missionaries in Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. We will join up with our team every year to keep our medical and humanitarian work moving forward. Thank you Chad. For those who come to Lima on Saturday, our hotel will serve as the base. What you choose to do this day is up to you. Do not go out alone. Stay in small groups with a good map. Some will rest. Some will shop. Some will eat at nice restaurants. Some will go to the LDS Temple in La Molina. We must be ready to be on the bus or taxi depending on the group size by 20:30 (8:30 PM). Our flight will leave at 01:00 on Monday morning.


Group C (Patty Wheatley)

Group C will stay in Puno until Sunday afternoon after LDS church services. Depending on flight times they will fly to Lima in the afternoon and remain in the airport or very close by until check-in late that night. Our flight will leave at 01:00 on Monday morning. There are market places and shopping close by if you really need to. On Saturday there will be opportunities to go to different ruins and to see new sights in the area. On Sunday afternoon there will not be enough time to go into Lima before you will have to return to the airport. The question will be: Do you want to get to know Lima better or Puno?


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