Day 2 – Friday March 16

Travel to Cuzco

Upon arrival in Cuzco, the goal will be to acclimate to the altitude, rest, drink plenty of water, and when ready do a little walking. The is plenty to do in Cuzco but you should spend this time gathering your strength for the days ahead.


Luggage check is at 0400 in preparation for departure at 0600, arriving in Cuzco 0730. We will probably be at Hotel El Puma and hope for early check in. This is the usual. If not, we will share several rooms to freshen up and rest as best as possible. The goals of the day are to rest, get air, fluids, and your legs under you. Even though this is a beautiful exciting place, those who ignore this important advice will become worn out early and get sick. Please, please listen to us. We will have time for banking and essential shopping. There will be plenty of shopping to take home.

We will need to visit Coricancha before 16:00 (4:00PM) last chance. It is important to go to bed early by 21:00 (9:00 PM) take Benadryl if needed.

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