The Mission of Live 168


Here at Live 168, we have each been blessed to live rich, full lives. We try to live 168 hours per week, making each moment account for something meaningful and congruent with our values and goals. Our lives are defined by our purpose, passion, and progress.

However, as we look around us, both at home and in far-off lands, we see multitudes of people who are unable to live as they choose. Their health and circumstances keep them ever-focused on just staying alive.

Our mission at Live 168 is to lift individuals and communities out of survival mode and into a state of living—living 168 hours per week; defining their lives according to their own hearts, minds, and culture. We do this through medical service and training, humanitarian efforts, and literally standing by their side.


Peru - March 2018


Our humanitarian and medical service expedition to Peru, this coming March, requires extensive planning and organization. We have learned over the years that detailed planning helps maximize the quality and the quantity of service we can provide for mothers, babies, and others that need our limited time and resources. To make sure we hit the ground running, we have sent an advance team to make every necessary arrangement for our arrival.

Below, you will find March's itinerary, as currently planned.

Thursday - March 15

Day 1

Arrive in Lima

Most of the team will board their plane bound for Lima in the early hours of the morning and will arrive at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima in the late evening.

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Friday - March 16

Day 2

Travel to Cuzco

Upon arrival in Cuzco, the goal will be to acclimate to the altitude, rest, drink plenty of water, and when ready do a little walking. There is plenty to do in Cuzco but you should spend this time gathering your strength for the days ahead.

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Saturday - March 17

Day 3


Abancay, population 58,000 is located in a valley over the Pachachaca River. Our Humanitarian Team will spend several hours there teaching and working. The Medical Teams will stay and teach in Cuzco.

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Sunday - March 18

Day 4

Day of Rest

Most in the group will be attending church and resting. We will also visit the Temple of Saksaywaman and then walk back down to Cuzco.

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Monday - March 19

Day 5

The Sacred Valley

We are going to shift gears and become tourists. We will be in the Sacred Valley, In Pisac and Ollantaytombo. Later, we will take a train to Aguas Calientes or now called Machu Picchu Village where we spend the night.

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Tuesday - March 20

Day 6

Machu Picchu

We will be up and at 'em at 0500, board buses and visit Machu Picchu all day. We will return late in the afternoon where we will catch a train, then a bus and end the day in Cuzco.

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Wednesday - March 21

Day 7

Lake Titicaca

The trip to Lake Titicaca is a long (7 hours) beautiful bus ride. Our ultimate destination is Puno where we will teach and serve on Day 8 and Day 9. We will be stopping at Templo de Viracocha for about 30 minutes along the way.

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Thursday - March 22

Day 8

Puno, Juliaca, and the Uros Floating Islands

Team Mothers will teach in Juliaca, Team Babies will teach neonatal resuscitation in Puno, and Team Humanitarian will work on the Uros Floating Islands.

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Friday - March 23

Day 9

Trading Places

The medical teams switch it up today. Team Babies will now teach neonatal resuscitation in Juliaca while Team Mothers will teach in Puno. Team Humanitarian, however, will continue their work on the Uros Islands.

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Saturday - March 24

Day 10

Fly Home/Group A

We will be flying home with three different itineraries in 3 separate groups:

  • Group A - anyone going home early (Sunday morning 01:00—1:00 a.m.),
  • Group B - anyone flying home with Dr. Dowdle (Monday  morning 01:00—1:00 a.m.),
  • Group C - anyone going home with Patty Wheatley  (Monday  morning 01:00—1:00 a.m.).

Which group are you going to be in? Check out the itineraries now and decide ASAP.

Click here for Group A's Itinerary

Sunday - March 25

Day 11

Fly Home/Groups B & C

Group B - (Dr. Dowdle): Our goal will be to fly out of Juliaca to Lima as early as possible Saturday morning.

Group C - (Patty Wheatley): Group C will stay in Puno until Sunday afternoon after LDS church services. Depending on flight times they will fly to Lima in the afternoon and remain in the airport or very close by until check-in late that night.

Click here for Groups B & C Itineraries

Thank you!

Thank you...

...to all who will participate on this trip—to those who will actually be able to take this exciting, yet exhausting journey and to the many individuals and organizations that contribute support and resources to make this humanitarian effort possible.

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